Webster's dictionary defines Infrastructure as "An underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system."

It is true that good infrastructure is truly the base of any successful enterprise, because once the promise is made, there needs to be an enabling framework to make sure it gets delivered.

So, what enables us at Scott International to deliver our promise?


Now, it is of prime importance that the products remain accessible within a reasonable lapse of time. And our warehouse in Bangalore is well connected by Road & Rail to all major Business centers all across India.
In fact, our Mumbai warehouse has good connectivity with the NhavaSheva Port Complex, hence, the overseas market also remains at quick reach.

Facilitating easy & timely movement of our Products to domestic as well as overseas markets is thus, never a hassle.

Stitching Unit

With delivery taken care of, the actual production can never take a back-seat!

Our stitching unit adept with latest machinery for the stitching of Apparel, ensures precise production of what our clients' desire.


Printing & Embroidery Unit

And of course, how can the idea of specification and promotion get executed completely without the possibility of printing and embroidery facilities.

At our printing & embroidery unit, we can bring to effect different process like Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Transfer Printing, Sublimation Printing and embroidery. This diverse range of processes ensures that any kind of branding is possible on different types of fabrics.